TenderCuts has painstakingly built direct partnership with local farming and fishing communities and strong backward linkages to ensure the meat and fish travels a very short distance to reach you, guaranteeing absolute freshness.

Farm To Fork Processing

We have Integrated our partners into a just eco-system of fair prices and timely payments, encouraging them to practice ethical farming that brings you chemical free and preservative free produce

  • Animals grown and reared in natural settings
  • No antibiotics or growth hormones administered
  • Humanely transported

TenderCuts adheres to strict WHO guidelines and stringent FSSAI quality standards. Our retail store is completely air-conditioned and sanitized and is free of flies or germs!

Trained butchers are screened every morning to ensure 100% safety and security.

  • WHO guidelines strictly adhere to
  • FSSAI stringent quality standards met
  • All through, the temperature is maintained at the right 0-4 degrees to ensure maximum freshness and safety
  • Cleaned with RO water
  • Fish and mutton are cut with food-grade knives

Your order is packed with Ice Gel Pad Technology to preserve and freshness, avoid microbes and delivered with utmost care by our army of delivery boys

So what you get is 100% FRESH fish, chicken and mutton and not frozen. So you can be rest assured your money has bought the best - in freshness, taste, safety!