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Snapper/ Sankara - Medium

Fish gutted & packed without head
Snapper/ Sankara - Medium

A lean, moist fish with a firm texture, our red snapper has a distinctive sweet, nutty taste making it versatile for many flavor components, from mild to intense seasoning. Its firm flesh makes it great for grilling and barbequing.

Ideal for:ara Meen Kuzhambu, Spicy Fish Fry Masala

Slices: 4-5 whole fish degutted, cleaned and packed

Freshness Indicator: Firm, moist, shiny, and cold to touch, the fish is pinkish in color with yellow streaks and should bounce back when touched. The eyes should be clear with no cloudiness.

Tips:Fish slices dry out quickly if overcooked and should be cooked with care.

Gross : 480 - 500 gms
Net : 330 - 420 gms