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Prawns Small - Deshelled

45-60 Pieces
Prawns Small - Deshelled

Sweet, tender and succulent, our small prawns are de-shelled and dressed in their best for you. Wonderfully plump, with a firm texture and a crunchy bite, these beauties are high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and low in calories.

Ideal for: prawn curry, stir fried prawns

Slices: 45-60 pieces of deshelled prawns.

Freshness Indicator: Fresh Prawns should smell fresh and clean and look moist.

Also known as:Chemmeen, Jinga

Tips:Prawns cook very quickly and should be watched over carefully. When boiled, sautéed or steamed, prawns are cooked when they curl to form the letter C and overcooked when they form an O.

Gross : 480 - 500 gms
Net : 240 - 270 gms
Pieces : 45 to 60