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Freshwater Pomfret - Yeri Vavval

Degutted, steak cut & packed with head & tail
Freshwater Pomfret - Yeri Vavval

Freshwater Pomfret has delicate white flesh with a sweet subtle flavor. Lusciously flaky with a firm texture, it is considered as one of finest species of fish for its distinct flavor and texture.

Ideal for: Spicy Meen varuval, Meen Kuzhambu .

Slices: Slices: 6-8 pieces of evenly sliced slabs of degutted fish packed with its tail and part of the head .

Freshness Indicator: Firm, moist, shiny, and cold to touch, the fish should bounce back when touched. The eyes should be clear with no cloudiness.

Tips:Fish slices dry out quickly if overcooked andshould be cooked with care.

Gross : 500 - 700 gms
Net : 350 - 490 gms