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Country Chicken Curry Cut - Skin on

Country Chicken Curry Cut - Skin on

Grown on farms and fed with natural agricultural produce like grains, maize and soya, our country chickens have a higher nutritional value and are a healthier alternative to broiler chicken. This also helps in developing the complexity of the meat’s flavor, giving it a wonderful, rich taste.

Ideal for:An evergreen cut, you can make anything from Chettinadu, Mughlai, Punjabi, Tandoori to Chinese, with our Country chicken curry cut.

No of Pieces: 14-16 pieces of 0.9 to 1.1 Kg bird, which will result in 600-650 gm when defethered

Freshness Indicator:The chicken should be pink in color and cold to touch.

Tip: As the meat of country chicken is harder than the broiler due to extra physical exertion, marinating is recommended to make the meat soft and tender.

Weight : 1 Pack
Serves : 4
Pieces : 1 Unit