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Chicken Biryani Cut - Skin On

5 - 6 Pieces
Chicken Biryani Cut - Skin On

What we have here is a hygienic pack of fresh and tender chicken pieces with skin. They are cut in sizes ideal for making your hot and spicy Chicken Biryani. Home-cooked Biryani is matchless for all the extra care and love you toss into it. And TenderCuts makes it even more special, as we have handpicked your favorite Chicken pieces you would love to dive in along with the gourmet Biryani. This pack has lip-smacking Chicken wings, thigh, drumsticks, and breast and backbone pieces. .

Ideal for: Any & every Biryani you would love to make at home.

Freshness Indicator: Feels tender and cold when touched, and looks mild pink in color


Weight : 480 - 500 gms
Pieces : 5 - 6 Pieces